Friday, August 22, 2008


Well we finally had the ENT appt. for my little girl and she is booked in to hospital on the 2nd Sept. to have her adenoids removed! I was a little emotional yesterday, just thinking about your little one going under anaesthetic is huge for a Mum, but in her case, I know there is no other option and she has been suffering now for 8 months! I look forward to her having alot better quality sleeping and using less tissues in the tissue box every day! She know no different, but I have a feeling she will be alot brighter after it's all done!
Jack is fine and getting quite a bit of attitude for a little man, he gets cuter by the minute though and makes me laugh! He has this thing about my hair, ever since he was feeding as a baby with a bottle, he would have to grab my hair. He still does it, as soon as he gets any kind of drink in his mouth, he reaches for my hair! It's so extreme that he will seek me out at the other end of the house and even says Mummy I need your hair! It sounds cute and funny, (which it is!) But being on the receiving end can sometimes drive me crazy~ Gotta love their little habits.
I will leave a few layout images from Little Scrapbook shop's recent cybercrop ( a cute little pic of the kids with TILLY the turtle who came home with us on a visit from Taylah's class with a little book we got to write in and put photos in of her visit with us! Each child in the class gets to take her home for a few days! Tilly got to come camping with us!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another lost tooth!!!

Taylah's 2nd tooth fell out in the middle of the night last night, I thought she was dreaming!!! God the poor tooth fairy will be broke at this rate!!
No visitors this week, somehow I have to find time to clean the house among all the appointments we have and try and catch up on all my Photography post production work!
It's a busy life! All is well!!
My layout this post is of my girl with her gorgeous toothless smile! (After tooth no. 1 came out!!!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Sister

Well today is Rachel's last day, she has been here since Saturday, from London, via Adelaide! The weather has been great and we've just been relaxing! She's had some swimming and Jack went in with her today! We are off to have prawns and a few wines down at Rex Smeal Park and enjoy the weather and watch the boats come in. Dave's just walked past with the fishing rods, so we are in for a lovely arvo!!!! We are off to pick up Taylah from school now!
No scrapping due to visitors, but my layout here is of a blind scrapping challenge I did last week with Scrap Therapy!!!
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