Saturday, October 24, 2009

The river- Townsville

I did actually get out with my camera in Townsville and take some images before we left, because where we lived, it was quite lovely and picturesque. I used to walk around the lake and then onto the river walk in our estate and this afternoon in particular, I took the kids down with me and we watched the sun set, it was beautiful!


I have been busy making cards lately and the Love card is from a LSBS challenge from last weekend!

OMG- such a big week for me this week, so much happening and so much to be thankful for, but the exciting news was an email I received from Kristy Evans at SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES, telling me I had made the shortlist with my Masters entry! Check it out:
It's a huge list and my chances may be slim, but I am very excited to be up there with the best of them, there are some very talented ladies on that list! So that is an achievement I am proud of.
Other news, we are moving house yet again, in 2 weeks and will finally be going back to our home. We cannot wait. We have so much happening that weekend too, Dave's Mum is arriving for a short visit, Dave will most probably be working the whole weekend, so I've organised a truck so we can at least have our gear in the house. Then it's going to be a slow process getting sorted again. The kids are so looking forward to jumping in that pool again, our pool!!! Hopefully, life will settle down fo awhile after that. It has been a very huge, un-settling and tumultuous year!!!! I'm looking forward to my parents arriving at Christmas and for some relaxing time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back in the swing!

Taylah and her old buddy Jordan having fun on 4 mile beach
Jack, cooling off in the esky! (Missing our pool!)
Baby Eva, Jordan and Ethan's little sister just gets cuter every time we see her!

Wow, what a mad time. We are home but wont be in our house for another three weeks. Slowly getting the smile back on my dial that's been missing for a long time. Great to be back with friends, there's nothing like good friends and I'm definatley appreciating those that I have missed. Now just can't wait to catch up with my parents at Xmas, and the fact that we will be back in our home with our lovely pool will be awesome.
Taylah has settled back into the school and catching up with old friends, she was sad at first,but hasn't taken long to slot back in. She has a male teacher and is in a 1/2 composite class.
Did my first Kaszazz demo with friends yesterday, they loved it and bought up! Good on them I say!!!! :)
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