Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cupcakes go off!!!!!

Here are some pics of my cupcakes. I decided on farm animals, couldn't find any ready made pigs and snakes! Went with the easy option of store bought lolly animals, I had so much other stuff to organise. But I love the way they turned out. There is also a pic of myself with my team leader, Karen and the other ladies who attended my workshop. We're each holding one of my cards I designed especially for the day and I have now submitted it to Kaszazz for a workshop!

Well, I did it, I had my first RSPCA fundraiser for Cupcake day and did my bit for the little animals. My card workshop went so well and even though I had a small group of ladies, they managed to devour lots of cakes and take some home. I sold raffle tickets aswell, with some lovely Kaszazz prizes and all in all it went really well!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fundraising for the RSPCA

Well, I had a brainwave on the weekend, made some lovely cupcake cards for a LSBS challenge and decided to submit them to Kaszazz for a workshop and will be running a trial workshop with them on Moday the 17th in conjunction with the RSPCA's national Cupcake Day, you can read all about this fantastic cause and fun day here:
I am very happy with my cards and have been busy writing out the instructions for workshop sheets and getting prepared for the big day. Wish my Mum was here to help with the cupcakes too. I am not a bad cook either, but that is definately her forte. If anyone is interested in doing something for this great cause, you can get some decorating ideas on their website, I'm thinking, pigs and snakes, don't know why, ifigure everyone will go for dogs and cats. All proceeds of cupcake sales and raffle will go to the RSPCA, and I will be promoting my business at the same time.
I've added some photo of a mini book I made up with the gorgeous GELATI range of papers from Kaszazz, I love it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tomorrow I'll be getting ready for my demo at Freckles, (where Jack goes to Gymbaroo.) Hopefully I will get a few orders and demo/workshop bookings and have some fun!!! Have been busy making up some new projects and demo samples and just having fun with all my new supplies!!!:)
Oh yeah and check out my little girl doing a great job recently at her Little Athletics Carnival! She tried so hard!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Darren!!

Yep today is the 3rd of August! Which means I had better go and phone my big brother for his birthday. It's also Ethan's birthday, (Jack and Taylah's little mate from Port Douglas!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH XXX
Very busy with Kaszazz stuff trying to get a heap of sample projects made up. Loving it, but not enought time as usual! Having another demo at FRECKLES fun factory where Jack goes to Gymbaroo, this Friday. Looking forward to that, hopefully a few crafty Mum's around.
Just been to the docs and have to have a couple more skin spots biopsied! Blah. Then really looking forward to a MAMMOGRAM on Thursday, (NOT!) Just suddenly realised why I'm feeling a little down today! But, I also just received a lovely little surprise in the mail from Little Scrapbook Shop,, from the 52 pick up comp. Such a great thing. The DT sets a challenge every sunday night for the whole year and it has been amazing. So many creative ladies producing some absolute gorgeous work, very inspiring and uplifting!!!!
Now, what photo shall I upload today???? Okay, a few weeks ago we took the kids to the Townsville 400- V8 Supercars!! I absolutely love car racing and the kids surprised us by enjoying it too! I think the ear muffs helped with the noise levels to make it all ok! Here's my two guys watching one of the races! :)
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