Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cupcakes go off!!!!!

Here are some pics of my cupcakes. I decided on farm animals, couldn't find any ready made pigs and snakes! Went with the easy option of store bought lolly animals, I had so much other stuff to organise. But I love the way they turned out. There is also a pic of myself with my team leader, Karen and the other ladies who attended my workshop. We're each holding one of my cards I designed especially for the day and I have now submitted it to Kaszazz for a workshop!

Well, I did it, I had my first RSPCA fundraiser for Cupcake day and did my bit for the little animals. My card workshop went so well and even though I had a small group of ladies, they managed to devour lots of cakes and take some home. I sold raffle tickets aswell, with some lovely Kaszazz prizes and all in all it went really well!
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