Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home sweet home!!!

Well I arrived safely back from Launceston yesterday luch time, very tired a very early start, but glad to be back! It was cold and wet, but I was determined not to let any negatives ruin my time and had an absolutley fantastic time! I met some awesome people and new friends, I gained so much from the lectures and took around 1000 images of which now I have to sort through and put some sort of slideshow together. I had a wonderful welcome at the airport by Taylah and Jack and Dave, I was so overwhelmed by emotion when I saw them, it was huge, and I couldn't stop looking at my two little brown berries who have been swimming in the pool everyday while I was away with layer upon layer of clothing on!!! They are gorgeous and apparantely behaved like angels for Daddy, Nanna and Grandad while I was away!
I've just returned to some great emails and nice surprises when I discovered I had won Tash Allen's OTP challenge , with this little something I made for Dave to take to Townsville with him!!!! Very happy indeed!!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy, Sad and tired

Well it's been such an emotional and tiring week here! Taylah had her op last Thursday and yes it was hard, and yes I did cry when she went under, she faught like a little trouper on the operating table. She came out of the anaesthetic really well, quiet as a mouse a few silent tears and then slept for an hour and woke up asking:" when do we go home?" She got up and ate straight away and has really been fine. She has had good days and bad days with the stuffiness and snoring, but they say it takes about 3 weeks to recover and notice the change. I can't wait for that day cause at the moment she doesn't sound any better and you start wondering! Thanks you everyone who have left messages on my blog for your words of encouragement, it's nice to hear your comments. And always nice to know that others have been there.
Dave has been away on a camping trip since last Saturday and we are on the count down now until he comes home. I hate the nights, and haven't been getting a wink of sleep. My two little angels have been bunking in with me and Taylah is so restless in her sleep, all over the place. Jack wakes up too early even after a late night, it's testing. Really I am just feeling sorry for myself at the moment because it's only a taste of things to come as in few weeks, Dave will be going to Townsville to work and will only come home on weekends. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT AT ALL. If Taylah wasn't in school, we would all go, but we will just play it by ear until Xmas if it's any longer,we'll sort something out. On a good note, I have some wonderful new neighbours who have been just wonderful while he's been away. Taylah is in school with one of their boys and they are such a lovely family!
Now I will go and find something I have created to leave with this post! Bye,
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