Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lots of rain and scrap related stuff!

STill busy putting workshops together and organising workshops for the school holidays. Walking the streets doing letterbox drops, thanks Michelle for helping me today. At least it's keeping me fit. We've had heaps of rain here in the last few weeks, gardens are looking great! Keep your eyes out for the Mother's day special in SBM mag next month, I was asked to create a project for it, very exciting!
I'm in card mode at the moment, have had heaps of inspiration from a few mags and have had the watercolour crayons out, with all the colours and themes of easter!
Will leave you with a photo of our resident Green Tree Frog, who is loving our Yukka plant outside our bedroom window. He's been there for days now and keeps swapping leaves. At night, I can hear him go Thud on the window, probably chasing his dinner. We haven't named him yet, but I think he's been there long enough to be a pet!
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