Friday, September 11, 2009


Some cards I did for a LSBS challenge, using some yummy Kaszazz papers.

I can't believe I have to pack again after only 9 months! It's a good thing we are going back home to Port Douglas, but such a short amount of time to get my head around it all. I was just starting to feel settled and getting my Kaszazz workshops off the ground!(At least i can do that in Port too!) In fact it may be easier as I know everyone up there and will have to force them into having demos for me!!! :)
I think Taylah is a little disappointed now too, she missed home so much and then finally started to like it here and made some lovely friends, and now it's time to go again. Dave can't wait to get home. We are not going straight back into our house as there are still tenants in there, but have found a house to rent around the corner! We will be able to store our gear there in the garage which is a bonus. Now all we have to do is find someone to take over our lease here! We thought we may have someone and then just to make life difficult for us, they have started building a new road right behind the house and of course this will put potential renters off! Anyway, My scrap room is still intact and will be the last thing I pack up. It's keeping me sane! I have a TTD (Team training day for Kaszazz) on Sunday and my neighbour has been so lovely and offered to look after the kids for the day so I can go and have a break from packing. We get to do two workshops, see and use some new products, have a business talk and we were asked to submit a workshop, which I have done and there are prizes!!!!!! And on that note, my cupcake card workshop has been accepted as a Kaszazz workshop and for that I get a shopping voucher of rather a nice quantity!! Yey!!!
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