Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Me!

Look at all this wonderful stuff!!! Last week I received 2 large boxes from a courier, I had been waiting on them, and had no idea that the prize I won was so enormous! Thanks to Christina Re, (an Aussie Designer)and Scrapbook Creations magazine, I won this in a 25 WORDS OR LESS.. competition! yeehah! I was gobsmacked. There are photo albums, scrapping albums, expanding files, portfolio's, manilla folders, storage boxes, magazine holders, scrapping goodies, (alphas, embellishments and paper kits) and ring binders, almost one in every colour. Now I have to find a home for it all. So much of it I need for my Photographs and scrapping storage, butI'm running out of space.

On a different note, since we moved to Townsville, all we seem to be doing is visiting the Doctor's. Both kids have been sick again, and Taylah has had ear trouble again, can't wait to see the specialist and get the ball rolling again for her, I really want them to put the grommets in her ears now, I think it's the solution to all her problems!
What about rain, shall we talk about that! We had about 3-4 days of sunny weather and then whammo, it's started again, when will it end??? Don't know, but it will be great when it does! The school kids have not been able to play on any playground eqipment since they started and I don't know how they re coping, the teachers would have a hard job too containing them all in underground areas during breaks, don't envy them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

More rain and lots of challenges

Just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief, the heavens opened again today! What a downpour it was too! Not before I managed to get Jack a little outdoors time at the playground and making sand castles. He was a brave boy today, had to have a blood test, so good! The paediatrician thinks he's too thin and we had some other issues so she is testing him for a few things as a precaution! He's just had tonsillitis again, so is looking a little on the pale side. Hopefully all is good and he perks up again soon! Taylah is going for another hearing test soon, for my own peace of mind really! She had a little friend over on the weekend, they had a great time, I went for my first swim in this pool, haven't had a chance too with all the rain! I've been scrapping my head off with all the challenges from LSBS
it's been great to get the mojo back and keeping me sane!Still quite a bit homesick, miss my friends and family! Waiting for a new lens in the post that's taking ages because of the floods and oh I won another prize in a scrapping mag. A huge Christina Re pack which I cannot wait to receive. Those of you in the scrapping world will know it was an awesome prize, will let you know when that arrives! Dave is fine and working away, like a good man that he is. I was surprised with a lovely little treasure hunt on Valentine's day from him and the kids, lots of chocolate involved! Very sweet!!!
Leave you with a few layouts from my challenges! And the cover of an art book I've started for me to express myself with all sorts of scrappy bits and paraphernalia. I love the way this turned out. I used part of an old cushion cover which had the beads on it and some Kaiser paper and metal embellies. I've done about 3 pages so far, so it's a work in progress but will post more later.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain, more rain!!!!

I guess I should be very happy that we are not under water like alot of other people! Yes I am thankful for that. But one could be forgiven for going slightly nutty under these conditions. For goodness sakes I have lived in the tropics now for 14 years nearly, but this is ridiculous! I AM OVER IT!
Anyway, Taylah has settled in school nicely, but been off sick for the last 3 days with a chest infection, I have so needed to get out of the house, but not wanting to drag her along, so trying to cope with the 2 kids fighting. Aargh! Today we went to the shops and had a milkshake and a little retail therapy, much needed. She is feeling a little better tonight I think.
All I want to do at the moment is lock myself away in my new little scrap room and create. I've spoken to all myfriends in Port And down South and that's kept me afloat, but then Dave went and bought the Port Douglas local paper which you can get here and after reading that I got very home sick. Anyway, here I am in my office/scrap room now all ready to create and of course it's late as usual and I'm just getting warmed up. I so need to go to sleep but my body has it's own thoughts and wants to keep going. (Especially after that medium latte this arvo!)
Better get on with it then!
My layouts today are of Jack in a tree, (the first one he climbed) and I love those pics, and Taylah with a pic I took of her with my film camera recently when I dusted off the cobwebs. I just love the way she knows how to look at the camera! (She's certainly had plenty of practice in 6 years!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cyclone Ellie????

Well, I can't believe it's been a whole month since checking in. We've now been in Townsville for a whole month aswell. We are in a house, which took about 8 days of hunting.(A nice house, new, not as much room as ours, but nice!) Stayed in the caravan park for the first 10 days which was challenging in a small cabin for 4 people. But it was like a little holiday. The weather hasn't been on our side though. I think it has rained nearly every day we have been here and now tonight we are on cyclone alert for young Ellie, waiting for her to cross the coast sometime tomorrow morning. This has been the biggest wet season Townsville has had for years!!! (typical)

I have nearly unpacked, don't know how I've managed it but I have. Have a great multipurpose room for scrapping and computer and tv for kids to join me sometimes. May start to advertise for my Wedding and portrait photography in the near future, just want to get settled first! It's such an emotional time moving, I am all over the place, but now Taylah is settled with school, that's a big weight lifted. She was such a little champion on her first day at a brand new school. She sent us on our way with a smile and when I picked her up in the arvo, she couldn't wait to tell me she had made a new friend and she had a great day! It made me so happy!

Photos today are my beautiful little princess in her new school uniform for grade 1. A layout of Jack which I managed to complete while staying at the caravan park, proving that lack of space should never stop you scrapping!!!! :)
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