Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Me!

Look at all this wonderful stuff!!! Last week I received 2 large boxes from a courier, I had been waiting on them, and had no idea that the prize I won was so enormous! Thanks to Christina Re, (an Aussie Designer)and Scrapbook Creations magazine, I won this in a 25 WORDS OR LESS.. competition! yeehah! I was gobsmacked. There are photo albums, scrapping albums, expanding files, portfolio's, manilla folders, storage boxes, magazine holders, scrapping goodies, (alphas, embellishments and paper kits) and ring binders, almost one in every colour. Now I have to find a home for it all. So much of it I need for my Photographs and scrapping storage, butI'm running out of space.

On a different note, since we moved to Townsville, all we seem to be doing is visiting the Doctor's. Both kids have been sick again, and Taylah has had ear trouble again, can't wait to see the specialist and get the ball rolling again for her, I really want them to put the grommets in her ears now, I think it's the solution to all her problems!
What about rain, shall we talk about that! We had about 3-4 days of sunny weather and then whammo, it's started again, when will it end??? Don't know, but it will be great when it does! The school kids have not been able to play on any playground eqipment since they started and I don't know how they re coping, the teachers would have a hard job too containing them all in underground areas during breaks, don't envy them!


Liss said...

That is one cool prize. WOW!! You must be in heaven with all this stuff. Congratulations.

I hope the rain eases up, kids got batty when looked inside for too long. Our weather has been more reasonable down here over the last few weeks but the sky is smoke hazed constantly.

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

What a great prize - enjoy.

Hope the kids health improves.

Tash Allen said...

wow!!! what a cool prize, awesome! bet you are having fun finding new homes for it all! :)

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