Monday, February 16, 2009

More rain and lots of challenges

Just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief, the heavens opened again today! What a downpour it was too! Not before I managed to get Jack a little outdoors time at the playground and making sand castles. He was a brave boy today, had to have a blood test, so good! The paediatrician thinks he's too thin and we had some other issues so she is testing him for a few things as a precaution! He's just had tonsillitis again, so is looking a little on the pale side. Hopefully all is good and he perks up again soon! Taylah is going for another hearing test soon, for my own peace of mind really! She had a little friend over on the weekend, they had a great time, I went for my first swim in this pool, haven't had a chance too with all the rain! I've been scrapping my head off with all the challenges from LSBS
it's been great to get the mojo back and keeping me sane!Still quite a bit homesick, miss my friends and family! Waiting for a new lens in the post that's taking ages because of the floods and oh I won another prize in a scrapping mag. A huge Christina Re pack which I cannot wait to receive. Those of you in the scrapping world will know it was an awesome prize, will let you know when that arrives! Dave is fine and working away, like a good man that he is. I was surprised with a lovely little treasure hunt on Valentine's day from him and the kids, lots of chocolate involved! Very sweet!!!
Leave you with a few layouts from my challenges! And the cover of an art book I've started for me to express myself with all sorts of scrappy bits and paraphernalia. I love the way this turned out. I used part of an old cushion cover which had the beads on it and some Kaiser paper and metal embellies. I've done about 3 pages so far, so it's a work in progress but will post more later.

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Liss said...

I hope you are safe with all the rain. Oh weather is the 2 extremes. Melbourne has been blanketed in smoke for a week now. It’s pointless doing any out door photography here too.

I love the lay out of you and Jack

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