Monday, October 27, 2008

So much going on!!!

Well, it really has been a busy two weeks! Dave has come home and gone again, I have had Weddings and Portraits to shoot and I attended a Scrapping Retreat in Cairns yesterday with 2 classes by the talented NGAIRE BARTLAM. That was such a highlight for me, I will post one of the creations I made in Ngaire's classroom! It was fantastic, refreshing and great to learn a few new techniques! The girls at Paper Possibilities were fab, I had such a good day! So Dave had the kids all day! On Saturday, we went to a kids pool party and then I left him with the kids again while I went to do a Wedding! I feel like him and I hardly saw each other, but It was a well needed break for me away from the kids! I totally enjoyed working after having about a 5 week break since my last job. The portrait shoot I did today was of a group of 5 lady friends who have known each other for over 30 years and have come to PD for a holiday and get together. I had such a fun time with them! I made sure they had champagne for the occasion to get them nice and relaxed and then I fired away! They had a great room full of light so we did most of the shots inside!!
Taylah went back to the docs last week and we had her allergy tested to find out she is allergic to dust mites! She has the same symptoms as before her operation and it really makes me wonder whether the op was needed at all, but I will have to stop doing my head in about that, we can't change it now! So we bought a new pillow and I've stripped her room of all the soft toys and pillows and down to the bare minimum! I will have to get the floor rugs cleaned when I get some spare money! At least we know and can work on that now!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy, and tired!!!

Well Our lives don't get any less busy! We are driving over to Mossman 3 afternoons a week for swimming and dancing lessons! I guess it does make the time go a little faster towards the weekends when Dad comes home! He wont be home this weekend though seo it will be a test! I'm having some girlfriends over this weekend with their kids for a swim and some dinner, so that should break up the monotony! The nights are the hardest, I don't mind having the house to myself once the kids are asleep , I always find something to do, but when I am in bed, i just don't seem to be able to get a good block of sleep. I swear every time the kids roll over, I sit up and to make things worse, I really don't think Taylah has improved that much since her operation! She is still snoring and seems to have trouble breathing at nights, she is still so nasally with her speech!. I will go and ring the doctors now I think, I'm not happy!!
Jack's been playing up a bit, that's hard at nights, but overall, we are coping ok! I know Dave is not finding it much fun down there without us, I feel for him too. It will be a relief either way, once we know how permanent this job is going to be, then we can make a decision on whether we have to move or not! I don't want to but we probably wont have a choice! Anyway, creating is keeping me going and Im almost finished my friends BABY album for her new bub. I just can't wait to give it to her!
I am going to post a few layouts from the challenges at LSBS, on the weekend for their Cybercrop. I did my first digi in ages,about Jake the doll and Jack! There's also a Black and orange layout, which I loved as I am a big fan of these colours!!! The last one is of Taylah and her swimming with a hand-stitched frame which took me ages, but I am please with the result!!!! There's also a gorgeous layout that my little man did and he is chuffed with!!!
Cya next time: Tania

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another layout!

Wow, I'm on fire this week, maybe it's because I have the nights to myself, once the kidlets finally go to sleep that is. This layout just came about because I was thinking about Xmas and I had made a pact with myself to scrap last years family photo shoot pics before this xmas. This is the 2nd 2007 xmas layout I've accomplished and we used these pics on our xmas cards last year~! Pretty happy with this one, I wanted to steer away from the traditional xmas colours, think I managed that ok!!!!
Now it's off to finish a mini book for my friend's new born which I keep going back to. Can't wait until it's done and I can start on my sister's mini book which is supposed to be for her birthday which was last month! Why can't I get anything done on time anymore??????!!!!
I just had my haircut this morning, went for a new look! Not too impressed by how much it cost me though.Lucky I don't treat myself very often, you can't at these prices!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing Daddy!!!

Well we are nearly at the end of our 2nd week with Dave away in Townsville and it's starting to sink in. Taylah hasn't said much at all, she's back at school and probably into her normal routine, but Jack is starting to feel it!! I am definatley starting to feel it and not looking forward to the long haul! I hate the nights! I've got the kids in my room now so we can all try and get a better sleep! Jack is very unsettled and Taylah sleeps ok.
He will be home this weekend, but not next weekend, so that will be a real test, two whole weeks without seeing him! We are starting to worry that it will be a longer stint that the original stated 10 weeks, who knows what is ahead, but we are thankful that he has work at least!
Jack is being naughty tonight and has just been sent to his own room, not happy but I had to do something!
My layout this post is one I scrap-lifted from the talented Belinda Venables, (see my blog list to the left). I just couldn't resist using the pretty free paper and fonts from SBM's vol 10, no.6. Belinda's layout is on page 123. I have only ever scrap-lifted 2 or 3 layouts before and I just fell in love with this one, it really inspired me, thanks Belinda!The other layout I have just added is one I did for a Cybercrop for the Little Scrapbook shop
just before Dave went away! I won a prize for this one too!!!!
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