Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy, and tired!!!

Well Our lives don't get any less busy! We are driving over to Mossman 3 afternoons a week for swimming and dancing lessons! I guess it does make the time go a little faster towards the weekends when Dad comes home! He wont be home this weekend though seo it will be a test! I'm having some girlfriends over this weekend with their kids for a swim and some dinner, so that should break up the monotony! The nights are the hardest, I don't mind having the house to myself once the kids are asleep , I always find something to do, but when I am in bed, i just don't seem to be able to get a good block of sleep. I swear every time the kids roll over, I sit up and to make things worse, I really don't think Taylah has improved that much since her operation! She is still snoring and seems to have trouble breathing at nights, she is still so nasally with her speech!. I will go and ring the doctors now I think, I'm not happy!!
Jack's been playing up a bit, that's hard at nights, but overall, we are coping ok! I know Dave is not finding it much fun down there without us, I feel for him too. It will be a relief either way, once we know how permanent this job is going to be, then we can make a decision on whether we have to move or not! I don't want to but we probably wont have a choice! Anyway, creating is keeping me going and Im almost finished my friends BABY album for her new bub. I just can't wait to give it to her!
I am going to post a few layouts from the challenges at LSBS, on the weekend for their Cybercrop. I did my first digi in ages,about Jake the doll and Jack! There's also a Black and orange layout, which I loved as I am a big fan of these colours!!! The last one is of Taylah and her swimming with a hand-stitched frame which took me ages, but I am please with the result!!!! There's also a gorgeous layout that my little man did and he is chuffed with!!!
Cya next time: Tania
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