Thursday, July 3, 2014

Journal entry

Well I haven't done enough journalling lately and yet there has been oh so much to write about. In a nutshell, it's been a pretty challenging year. My little boy has been very sick since the beginning of the year and after 5 years of searching for answers, we got a diagnoses a few months ago. He had lots of nasty bacteria growing in his gut aswell as an overgrowth of yeast. If You've heard of 'Leaky Gut' then it is all related. The Doctors and dietician we are working with seem to think that after a month of strong antibiotics and top notch probiotics and glutagenics, aswell as the strictest diet which he's been on for months, things should get better. I'm not convinced and There are still belly aches coming and going.
He is 8 yrs old and understandably has been struggling with this Paleo diet. He has had birthday parties to go to recently which are challenging. He has to take his own lunch box and miss out on cake. It breaks my heart!!!
There wasn't much fat on him to begin with and I am watching him get thinner and thinner.
Before the treatment, was so hard. Every single day he was suffering and I was right there suffering  with him. Plus packing up and moving into our new home, it's been quite stressful. Lots of tests, doctors visits and house stuff, I thought I was going mad for awhile!! (He he and now in the house with stuff all around us that needs a place, hubby is renovating and yesterday, the existing tiny swimming pool got dug out and as we speak there are machines going back and forth under the house to dig a massive hole for the new pool. I'm convinced It will all send me mad.)
There has been much improvement in Jack's health and his little personality is coming back, but I worry that it's an ongoing thing that must be carefully managed.  I just want my little man well.
On a happier note, we celebrated Territory Day here in Darwin on Tuesday, it's pretty mad really, but Jack went with his Dad to the beach and they knocked themselves out letting off as many firecrackers as they could. He had a fantastic time. Taylah and I went to Skycity Casino to watch the proffessionals do it and had a lovely meal.
Here's a couple of pics of the sunset and fireworks!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prima products

I've always loved Prima products, especially their flowers and blooms. I remember going mad buying heaps of them after I took one of Sharon Laakonnen's classes in Cairns a few years back. We did a canvas album which I'm sure I would've posted here some time ago. Anyway, till then I had never really been a flowers on my layout type of girl. Here's a couple of my recent projects, (before the big house move!!!), using mainly Prima stuff. You will also see a little bit of Heidi on the card with the butterfly.

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