Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling crappy-7th day!

Look at my beautiful little man sitting in the car! He and his sister had decided to help their dad clean and polish the car for some pocket money for the show! Jack's new found toy is my new dust buster which is great for vacuuming the car, he just love it and was vacuuming everything he could find this day!
The flowers are from my Hubby just because! (It's been awhile since he gave me flowers and they were just lovely when they all opened up, the kids loved them too! Jack was a little sad when they died!)
Hey all, well, for exactly 1 week now, I have been sick and I am getting a little over it!!! It all started with a sore throat last Thursday and then Friday, I was feeling the start of a flu coming on! Saturday, I spent the whole day on a mattress on the loungerom floor, just so the kids knew where i was, Dave was at work. It was the real, achy body horrible flu! (Not the Swine variety!) Over the next few days, my sore throat developed into the worst one I've ever had and I didn't get an inkling of sleep. Ended up at the docs on the holiday Monday to get antibiotics and now am still recovering from a sinus infection that set in just to top it all off. I haven't been out of action like that for a long time and probably not at all since having the kids. I just want to feel normal again! Jack is in day care today, so making the most of some quiet time!
Slowly working on my Masters entry at the moment, I've got 2 out of 4 challenges done and my mojo has been sick too I think. Now not too sure what I'm doing for the other two challenges, but have a few ideas rolling around thanks to a visit to my local LIFELINE store for some inspiration!
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