Friday, May 29, 2009

Sleeping angels

We have had friends over this evening, for pizza, popcorn and a movie! The excitement was building in my kids all day and when the other three came over it was pandemonium! Dave was out at a work do and I really enjoyed having a wine and good conversation with a new friend. We didn't get to see the bottom of our glasses in a hurry as we were forever breaking up arguments, feeding hungry kids and playing games, but it was all good!
Now my two are crashed out on a mattress in the loungeroom, hopefully a sleep in will occur tomorrow!
Nights are getting cooler here in the far north and we have our doonas on and no fans. I like it like this, no sweating, and glorious days! Glad I'm not down South at this time of year!
Photos this post are of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise, and the view of the Gold Coast from the window on Q-deck, (77 floors above!) The elevator only took 43 seconds to take us to the top, the views were amazing! The Coast doesn't quite look like this at the moment, so I'm glad I took heaps of pics!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to reality!!!

We had 7 fun-filled days on the Gold Coast and hit every world possible! Kids had such a ball, but we did manage to give them a life-long fear of roller coasters and flume rides!!! (Not happy with Mum and Dad for that!) I think I enjoyed it so much more this time around with my family and watching the kids light up when they saw the Sesame St characters and Shrek and Dorothy the dinosaur! Yes they finally got to go to Wiggles world and ride th big red car! It was very special. We were so lucky with the weather, had a little rain at the beginning and then nice days, apart from the chilly nights! Glad we are not there at the moment!
Jack started day care last week, not happy about that either! He hasn't been for 5 months with the move, so he has to get used to being without me for awhile all over again. Heartwrenching stuff!
My photo this post is from Mother's day on the Gold Coast, I got breakfast in bed from my two men and had fun at White Water world for the day!!!!
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