Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kaszazz workshop samples

Well, still trying to find that mojo!!! I made up a few kits with instructions from the Kaszazz website for projects from other consultants. I love that we have privvy to so many wonderful creations and the talent of other consultants and scrappers is always an inspiration. This one is by Natalie Pecovnik, titled Elegant Timeless Page and card. It's a 2 hour workshop and one of the ones I am able to teach. I did up the sample yesterday and put my own twist on it. I love that if you don't have all the products listed, there is always the opportunity to improvise which I had to do with a few products. My version has used the Distress Stain to make the paint splats and I didn't have the faux stitching stamp, so did them by hand with Distress markers.
 I love making my own embellishments, using stamps, punches and distress inks!
 Here's the card!
 And here's the close up of the lovely splats from the Distress Stain Dabber. Will be using this idea alot more!!!!
The story behind this layout is one I wanted to get down. It was the last time the kids saw their Bis Nonno (Great Grandfather). He passed away not long after these pics were taken. he was very ill with cancer. I'm so glad i took the kids, Dave wasn't with us, and Nonno picked grapes from the home vines for the kids to eat while we talked.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

using the same colour scheme...

I came up with this:
I decided to stick with the colours i had on my desk as it was getting late. Pulled out a few stamps and some lovely textured card and a bit of Gesso. i re-coloured the twine with a Distress marker. (These markers are so versatile!!!) All products from kaszazz, except the twine!!

And here's a layout I did while still trying to find my mojo!!! Not really how I'd planned it, in fact, I totally changed the photo and idea, to a layout idea I needed to get down, have been thinking about for a long time:
A little while ago, My Hubby, Dave wrote my daughter, Taylah a letter while he was working away. We were all struggling with him being away, so he typed an email to her, which tells her about the day she was born and how he felt. The love he had for her then and the love he has for her and our family now. I cry every time i read it. So I created this layout with that in mind and made an envelope out of vellum and decorated it to enclose the letter for safe keeping!
I have just realised the colour scheme is the same as my two cards- I seem to do that alot, get on a roll and be in the mode for a particular colour scheme and end up with a few different projects out of it!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Distressing Treasures

So keen to scrap after our holiday and my mojo mustve stayed behind in Bali. just could,nt find it. So decided to pull a few Kaszazz d
emos and workshops out to work on. Something I dont have to think about too much. had a play with some Distress inks and embossing for this one. A bit busy in the background. But enjoyed the process.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Phototech is on page 60/61. I am proud to have a few
 family members in this one as a tribute to the Mum'S in our family. Very exciting coming home from our Bali trip and seeing this in the store. Bali was wonderful, not long enough.
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