Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So over packing!!!!

I think I'm getting there, but I can still see stuff wherever I look. Only two more full days to pack before our scheduled departure date on Friday! We are leaving so much up in the air and wont be able to get tenants in the house until we find a place in Townsville, which we haven't done yet! WE are booked into the caravan park so will have a beach side holiday while we are house hunting. I need that! It's so tiring and draining. I've done it so many times before, but each time after kids, it gets harder. And then we had Christmas and Jack's birthday right in the middle of it all, so there's more stuff to pack....I will be so glad to just get there now!!!!
I can't beleive it's been a month since my last post and it will probably be that again before I get back on line, so Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
My photos this post are of my little darlings with their presents. Taylah got a new bike from Santa, and Jack is sitting on his bed with his new birthday presents, sunnies, t-shirt, truck and blocks!(Loving himself sick!!!)
The layouts are from my photo shoot at Christmas with the kids and my besties, who I am going to miss while we are away! (We got together tonight for some much needed wine, cocktails and laughs!)
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