Friday, October 10, 2008

Another layout!

Wow, I'm on fire this week, maybe it's because I have the nights to myself, once the kidlets finally go to sleep that is. This layout just came about because I was thinking about Xmas and I had made a pact with myself to scrap last years family photo shoot pics before this xmas. This is the 2nd 2007 xmas layout I've accomplished and we used these pics on our xmas cards last year~! Pretty happy with this one, I wanted to steer away from the traditional xmas colours, think I managed that ok!!!!
Now it's off to finish a mini book for my friend's new born which I keep going back to. Can't wait until it's done and I can start on my sister's mini book which is supposed to be for her birthday which was last month! Why can't I get anything done on time anymore??????!!!!
I just had my haircut this morning, went for a new look! Not too impressed by how much it cost me though.Lucky I don't treat myself very often, you can't at these prices!!!


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Lovely layout Tania. So, where's the photo of the expensive new hairdo? :)


helenj said...


Go you you little scrapaholic!!!!!!!!

Keeping busy in the night while they are away makes the time go faster:)

Liss said...

All these layouts are great. I think the non traditional colours of xmas layout look good with the photos. I also have to mention that Taylah reminds me of my daughter posing in the post below. Very cute and funny.
Do you find the house very quiet when the kids are asleep and your husband not home? The stillness of my house can sometimes be a blessing and others can feel very daunting. I remember about 6 weeks after I separated with my husband I had an attack of anxiety one night due to the stillness and loneliness of the house once the kids are asleep. 5 years on and I am use to it but understand how hard it can be to get use to being b yourself at night. I hope the 10 weeks goes quickly for you and that you and your kids have him home again soon.

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