Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing Daddy!!!

Well we are nearly at the end of our 2nd week with Dave away in Townsville and it's starting to sink in. Taylah hasn't said much at all, she's back at school and probably into her normal routine, but Jack is starting to feel it!! I am definatley starting to feel it and not looking forward to the long haul! I hate the nights! I've got the kids in my room now so we can all try and get a better sleep! Jack is very unsettled and Taylah sleeps ok.
He will be home this weekend, but not next weekend, so that will be a real test, two whole weeks without seeing him! We are starting to worry that it will be a longer stint that the original stated 10 weeks, who knows what is ahead, but we are thankful that he has work at least!
Jack is being naughty tonight and has just been sent to his own room, not happy but I had to do something!
My layout this post is one I scrap-lifted from the talented Belinda Venables, (see my blog list to the left). I just couldn't resist using the pretty free paper and fonts from SBM's vol 10, no.6. Belinda's layout is on page 123. I have only ever scrap-lifted 2 or 3 layouts before and I just fell in love with this one, it really inspired me, thanks Belinda!The other layout I have just added is one I did for a Cybercrop for the Little Scrapbook shop
just before Dave went away! I won a prize for this one too!!!!


Belinda Venables said...

I just got your comment - thankyou so much. You are so sweet!!

I LOVE your layout. That free paper was nice want it?

Thanks again for sharing!

Have a fab weekend.


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Love your layouts Tania. Hope you cope ok without DH.

helenj said...

Great LOs chickie
Sounds like you are having a fun time with the kids!
They will be fine
just keep a good stash of chocolate for yourself though!!!!!

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