Friday, February 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain, more rain!!!!

I guess I should be very happy that we are not under water like alot of other people! Yes I am thankful for that. But one could be forgiven for going slightly nutty under these conditions. For goodness sakes I have lived in the tropics now for 14 years nearly, but this is ridiculous! I AM OVER IT!
Anyway, Taylah has settled in school nicely, but been off sick for the last 3 days with a chest infection, I have so needed to get out of the house, but not wanting to drag her along, so trying to cope with the 2 kids fighting. Aargh! Today we went to the shops and had a milkshake and a little retail therapy, much needed. She is feeling a little better tonight I think.
All I want to do at the moment is lock myself away in my new little scrap room and create. I've spoken to all myfriends in Port And down South and that's kept me afloat, but then Dave went and bought the Port Douglas local paper which you can get here and after reading that I got very home sick. Anyway, here I am in my office/scrap room now all ready to create and of course it's late as usual and I'm just getting warmed up. I so need to go to sleep but my body has it's own thoughts and wants to keep going. (Especially after that medium latte this arvo!)
Better get on with it then!
My layouts today are of Jack in a tree, (the first one he climbed) and I love those pics, and Taylah with a pic I took of her with my film camera recently when I dusted off the cobwebs. I just love the way she knows how to look at the camera! (She's certainly had plenty of practice in 6 years!)


helenj said...

Beautiful LOs Tania
Hope you get lots of time to scrap in your new room!!!!!!

Liss said...

you can keep those strong winds but we wouldn't mind the rain down here.

The weather is crazy and the bush fires are wiping out everything.
They are 20 minutes to the North and to the East of me.

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