Monday, August 10, 2009

Fundraising for the RSPCA

Well, I had a brainwave on the weekend, made some lovely cupcake cards for a LSBS challenge and decided to submit them to Kaszazz for a workshop and will be running a trial workshop with them on Moday the 17th in conjunction with the RSPCA's national Cupcake Day, you can read all about this fantastic cause and fun day here:
I am very happy with my cards and have been busy writing out the instructions for workshop sheets and getting prepared for the big day. Wish my Mum was here to help with the cupcakes too. I am not a bad cook either, but that is definately her forte. If anyone is interested in doing something for this great cause, you can get some decorating ideas on their website, I'm thinking, pigs and snakes, don't know why, ifigure everyone will go for dogs and cats. All proceeds of cupcake sales and raffle will go to the RSPCA, and I will be promoting my business at the same time.
I've added some photo of a mini book I made up with the gorgeous GELATI range of papers from Kaszazz, I love it.

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Liss said...

I need cup cake cards!! I am also baking for RSPCA cup cake day. I am making fancy cupcakes. I will post them on my blog once they are made. I'd love to see your pigs and snakes.

I also didn't want to make dogs and cats because I thought it wold be to common too, so I'm gong for the pretty option.

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