Thursday, February 21, 2008



I would like to share my first ever two digi layouts with you, woo hoo!!!!

I think i must be turning into a computer geek!!! My love of scrapbooking in the last few months has taken me on so many paths! I've just discovered digi scrapping which i never thought i would get a grasp on and now can't believe how easy and addictive it is!!! Having been a photographer always reading and learning, you think i would've had a grasp on it already, but thanks to the forum and wonderful gals with hints, tips and inspiration at LSBS,, I have learned so much! I'm getting a real buzz out of it all and so inspired by other people's blogs, I decided to create one!!

Family update: Taylah is 5, just started prep this year and loving it, Jack is 2 and at day care two days now, and loving it! He is still having sleeps during the day, so I have a certain amount of time now that I can play instead of just work, work, and work!!!

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