Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey all, well I'm alittle behind in Posts, but that's just because there's too much going on ! We have had to make the desicion to move to Townsville in the new Year to be with Dave. Apart from the fact it's all getting abit too hard without him here, his company have now offered packages to relocate us, until the end of July next year, which will see the end of his current project. Then, it will be a matter of being where the work is, so if there's still no building going on in Port, then we will stay a bit longer! So many families in Port douglas are going through the same thing as us, dave said the plane back to Townsville on Monday was like being on a job site, full of labourers with work boots going here there and everywhere for work! We are thankful that Dave has work and also of his promotion which occurred just before 18 men were put off from his company!!! So I am taking this opportunity to think of this as anew adventure, a big holiday! I think Taylah will be fine at school she makes friends easily and there is apparantely alot of fun things to do for the kids, which alas, Port Douglas does not have! Who knows, we may just love it down there and It's only a 5 hour drive back to port if we don't!

I have a few links here to my Tasmania pics on facebook if anyone's interested!!! So in the mean time, I need to sort out birthday parties, dance concerts, Xmas and then I will be frantically packing the house to move early in the new year! We are going to rent our home out, so if anyone know's anyone that wants to rent a nice house in Port Douglas with a pool and no neighbours, let me know!!!

This post I will leave you with some fun pics I took of Jack and his little playmates at the park the other week! I love these!!!


Lauren said...

Gee what a busy time for you! Good luck with the move - at least it will be nice to be back with your hubby.

Liss said...

I hope you enjoy Tonsville, rembmber home is where your family is and places are what you make of them.

I love, love, love your tassie photos.

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Good luck with the move Tanya!! Great that your DH's work will help pay for the relocation! It will be great to be near your DH.

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