Sunday, November 29, 2009

OUr pool is so cool!!!

Some recent layouts and a fridge magnet I have made for the 52 pick up challenges at LSBS,

Well I wouldn't say it's cold cool, but it's great to have it back cool. We have been swimming everyday and loving it! I still have a mountain of half open boxes and have had a few health issues, but slowly but surely getting there and so glad to be home! Dave gave the garden a work over and it looks fabulous, everything has grown so much and it's in alot better shape than I thought.
Went to Cairns today to buy a new bed, it's been on the agenda for awhile, but good old Harvey Norman had 40% off today and also needed a new vacuum cleaner as I literally blew the other one up while cleaning the last rental property we were in. So this was too good to resist. The kids were great, we were in there for 2 hours and lucky, they were doing free photos with santa, so they had that to look forward to aswell as the milkshake I promised them at Stockland if they were good. We saved heaps and the kids got to spend their pocket money in Big W after, so alround it was a very productive day,.Finished off with a swim with Dad when we got home, he has been working 7 days a week for the last 3 weeks and we are a bit over it!

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Liss said...

Finally you are home, it sounds like you have been really busy too. I hope you are all unpacked by Chrissy and have a great celebration in your own home.

I'm going to send you an email soon. My daughter has just been referred to a specialist to have her tonsils and adenoids out. I need expert advice of what to expect. (we cold be waiting awhile for the opp as it through the public health system)

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