Friday, April 23, 2010


The photo is of my crafty girl, with her entry in this months Cybercrop at little scrapbook shop!
Dave and I are very excited. We haven't taken the kids camping in 2 years! Can't believe it's that long. I think we are going to get rained on a litte, but not to worry, it will be an adventure.
The kids went to the circus last night, so they will be tired and hopefully we can get an early start in the morning. I plan to take oodles of pics, to scrap when I get back!!!!


Clare said...

Wow your little munchkin not only looks like you Tania but is clearly as talented too!!! aahhh hope she wins bless her. Wow going camping, i do hope you & the family have a wonderful time hun. Hugs Clare xxx

Liss said...

Have fun camping over the long weekend.

Hey your girl has some talent, I imagine it's fun for the both of you to create together.

I'll catch up with you better after the long weekend.

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