Friday, October 5, 2012


Well, it has been a very long time since my last post. My life is never short of activity and while in Darwin, I started a new business, had to move house a few times and pack up a few times and get ready for our big travelling adventure, which we are still on.
We went from Darwin to Alice springs, Ayers rock, Kings Canyon etc, then back to Alice Springs where we left Dave and flew to Adelaide. (He drove on to Birdsville for the races and met us there later.)
After a few weeks in Adelaide, we then took off where we left off and travelled to the flinders Ranges, and The Eyre Peninsula. This is a letter I have just written to my family and will tell you of our recent adventures up until now! Enjoy...
We arrived at Port Broughton Caravan Park yesterday afternoon. This is where all the school kids have been hiding all this time. For school holidays, we hadn’t come across many. So kids are lapping it up.

We just spent most of a week, bush camping at Fitzgerald Bay, just out of Whyalla. What a place, absolutely amazing. Right on the water, Dolphins nearly every day. Not much fishing, a few squid and a whiting, but it was nice.


So we have done the Eyre Peninsula, and are now starting the Yorke Peninsula. How hot was it yesterday. We are so accustomed to the crazy, windy, cold weather, that yesterday was a shock to the system. The kids even went for a swim here, which is great, they need some exercise. Jack has got the podgy look again, a pot belly and they don’t look like the olive brown North Qldsrs, they were a few months ago. We are heading off for a big walk into town shortly.


Jack got a bad cut on his foot after Dave dropped a rock on it while they were collecting razor fish at Fitz. Bay. It looked like it shoould’ve been stitched, but luckily we are armed with a good first aid kit and it is healing well. But…how do you tell a boy, not to jump around on it, especially when there’s a jumping pillow here.


We’ve had a few funny mishaps and some not so funny, but it’s all part of the adventure.


In the flinders Ranges, Dave lost his towel, when it caught fire on the clothes line, will explain this another time. So we were on the hunt for a new towel when we got to the next town, which we got. Then a few nights later, we left the other 3 towels on the clothes line at Coffin Bay and took off none the wiser. So then we had to buy 3 more towels in Port Lincoln.


While in coffin Bay, we tried to do some bush camping in the national Park and normally, very 4wd savvy, but we were towing the camper trailer through very soft sand and got nicely bogged. You know how much Dave loves being the centre of attention…NOT! Of course people had to pull up behind us and wait for us to get out. They were very friendly and very helpful though!!! So we got out of that with his pride still in tact and decided to go back and stay at the caravan park instead.


My fantastic, brand new Samsung Galaxy Phone now has a huge big crack on the screen. Dave tickled Taylah while she was using It and it got dropped and cracked. Let’s just say, I had to walk away from that one for awhile to cool down. I’m going to start nick naming my husband, Doctor Damage. (The phone still works and it has been great for travelling, using the internet to find out weather conditions, taking pics and checking my emails on it, very versatile!) (Oh and also checking into facebook every once in awhile.)


We think we have about 2 weeks to go, if we can stretch the money out that long. We are going to have to be very careful with our budget now, as we are on the last of it. Dave will have to speak with matrix sometime next week and sort some things out. He has been looking on the net for jobs and putting his feelers out. I will have to start thinking about school for kids and a job for me too! Here we go again, Deja Vous. Feel like I’ve gone through this routine a few times!!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if we could just keep travelling and not worry about any of this.


Anyway, it’s weird, we have to remind ourselves sometimes that we are in South Australia! We could be anywhere really, with the amount of places we’ve seen. But I have to say, there are some very beautiful places along this stretch of the country. Places I know I’ve been to as a kid, and places I haven’t. We really loved Cowell. We stayed there a few nights and it was so cool. They had the town market on and some other craft shops and we got all sorts of goodies that day. All the local produce was yummy.



Photos are from the Point Lowly lighthouse and my family on the jetty at Cowell, SA.

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❦❧Judi❦❧ said...

What a great road trip you and your family are having Tanya. You are visiting all the places that I dream of doing one day.
Take care
Judi xx

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