Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Promotions, while I can't see the kitchen table!!!

Not so lucky to have a "Me space" in the new apartment, so the dining table is getting covered inch by inch. Hubby had to make the comment today, look at you, and rolls his eyes at me. I find it quite amusing as he was the one who suggested i could have one end of the table as the table is fairly roomy. At the moment there are 2 laptops, 3-4 off the page projects I'm working on, a scanner, trimmer, projects waiting to be photographed, tools, inks etc. his reading glasses and a mountain of gift boxes. My beautiful girl came home from school today with a handful of gorgeous gift boxes they had made with the science teacher. OMG, I was onto them straight away. Much like a Kaszazz project I once made, quick and easy and gorgeous with a piece of ribbon. Watch this space, we both went box crazy and Jack even got in on the act. Know what I'll be uploading tomorrow. But for now, here's a look at the December promos. from Kaszazz, and a sneak peek at the January Host promo!

1 comment:

Rachel D said...

You never uploaded pics of your gift boxes! I'd love to see them :-)

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