Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Beginnings!!!

Well, sadly it appears that my guest DT gig over at KK was over before I got a chance to begin. I was in a  bit of shock when I read all about it on the FB page.(Not a nice way to find out, but que sera as they say!!!)
So, moving on.....I went from one crappy day to one fabulous day making plans with friends and sharing ideas and inspiration.I will have some better news to share soon!
In the mean time, take a peak over at my mixed media page here:
and see what I have been making with some yummy new products from Scrap Matrix!


Lizzy Hill said...

YES! That was minute looking for a person to run the minute gone! I must admit to taking advantage of their sale, though!!!! Aaah well, eh...always something else will come up I reckon, in life:)

Tania B said...

Yes Lizzy u are so right and there is something fantastic through another door. Will tell you more soon x

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