Friday, April 4, 2008


What a busy day today, I travelled to Cairns for the day which is a 1 hour trip each way and always tiring. My list of jobs was huge as usual, but managed to get a huge chunk done without little ones with me!!!
Dave is back from Brisbane and having his hand operation which turned into two operations, (one on each hand!) he is in a lot of pain and frustrated!! I am tired and really felt the void while he was gone, especially the witching hour when he usually entertains the kids while I get dinner!!!
It made me think of my Mum and how she ever did cope as a single Mum, with my brother and I in tow. I take my hat off to her and thank God for her and for the wondeful man she met later in life, who has been the person she deserved to be with!!! Love my Mum and hats off to all the other Mum's out there who do it hard with a smile. I have done a tribute layout for my Mum, its here!!!!
On a very exiting note, I am about to have my first layout published in Scrapbooking Memories magazine!!! I am so wrapped, stay tuned for more!!!!

1 comment:

helenj said...

All mums are legends!
Well done on your successful submission to SM
How exciting ......its a great LO so very well deserved

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