Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy with birthdays and stuff

Yep, so my first born has now had her birthday last week and she is now a big 7 years old. How lucky was I that she only wanted to celebrate with one friend and have her sleepover. We had a lovely afternoon tea and went for dinner that night at the Central Hotel, where they have a movie in the beergarden. Will Farrel in LAND OF THE LOST. I thought it was funny, but had to leave half way through due to tired kids and a little bit of the scared factor from Jack. Although he loves dinosaurs, these were a little too large and real looking for him to cope with.
I'm still keeping busy making stuff for ETSY, check out my shop over to the right and once you go there, you will spend hours perusing all the wonderful handmade items by some really clever people around the world!
I have wedding photography to do today, hope the rain clears. Tomorrow we have our interview at the kindy for Jack and then we are having a BBQ friday night as a good friend is in town. At the weekend I will be finishing the covering of Taylah's books, a job I half started last week! Not long now, it will be nice to have some me time when the kids go back, but a little quiet, this will be the start of lots more time for me. I can't wait to get my Kaszazz workshops up and running!!!


Liss said...

Happy birthday Taylah. We celebrated Callum's 7th birthday but it was just low key no party.
I'm photographing my second wedding next weekend and although I am a better photographer than I was a year and a bit ago when I didn't my first wedding. I'm still worried I wont live up to the Bride's expectations. I only have a week to start doing research.

PS: I checked out your etsy shop you have some cute stuff in there.

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