Thursday, September 8, 2011

On the countdown!! Scrapping every now and then!

Well, we have just over a week to go before we see Dave! It's been 3 long weeks. The kids have started to really notice his absence, thanks goodness for skype though! So with me being the sole parent in the house for the last few months, I have noticed an absence of time for my craft. I do fit little bits in here and there, but it's always around other things like work, dinner, readers, homework, stories, frightened little ones in the night, and the list goes on!!! Not to mention: mowing the lawns, looking after the swimming pool and gardens, umm!!!! I'm sure there is more.....So my blogging has slowed down a little too. But here I am to show you a couple of things I have managed to fit in! These are a couple of the Kaszazz workshops I have done up, ready to teach! Girly stuff again, Poor Jack is going to start feeling a little rejected if I don't get some boy projects happening soon!!!
The first one is a page and card workshop, 2H844- You can look these up on the Kaszazz website in the workshop catalogue by the way!!!
The 2nd one is the Cheeky rub on page and pockets piece!
On the countdown now, only 8 more days till TTD, (Kaszazz Team Training Day!!!)

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Kelly G said...

These look really good Tania! I must get back into my scrapbooking!

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