Monday, January 16, 2017

This weeks Art Challenge

Hi all, I've managed a few Art projects this week, which makes me feel happy! I'm always up for a challenge, and the latest one I have discovered is with Marta Lapkowska, and her Creative Cafe, 52 cafe cards challenge!! So, you get yourself a deck of cards, I have a few spare packs from the kids showbags the last few years!!!

And then you just make ART on your card! One per week for 52 weeks!!!
I had fun with this, a great little mixed media canvas to work on. I Gessoed, and then started with paints, stamping, glued paper bits, texture paste...Then I found some of my bits and pieces in my Art Journal stash drawer and glued an old earring, some chipboard, a flower, and some gold twine. After a further layer of Gesso on the embellishments, I used some of the gorgeous, Lindy's, (Lindy's Stamp gang) Starburst Colour shots, which are powders and react with water. They are so shimmery and subtly gorgeous!!!
Here is the end result!!!! Week 1 done!

Thanks for looking,

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Lizzyc said...

That looks amazing!!

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