Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thought I'd just make a quick post as it's been a few days and I haven't been able to do much as I have a very painful neck injury!( I actually think it's from lack of excercise, loads of scrapping and time spent at the computer.)
Pool update-We are nearly there, should be swimming in our pool next week! had council approval yesterday, the guys were here draining the water out today and cleaning it up ready for pebbles tomorrow! It's so exciting, it's been a long-winded affair, but will be well worth the wait!
Kids are great, Taylah rec. another award at school last week! She is loving it!
Jack is still not a good sleeper, it's really taking it's toll!

I joined in the cybercrop on the weekend for LSBS.
(I actually won the prize for the digi layout challenge!! So chuffed, especially being new to this digi business!!!)

It's always ALOT OF FUN! Will leave some new layouts for you to check out!

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Kell said...

Great looking blog Tanyia, love that book your making for your mum!!!

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