Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm sitting here, it's nearly 1.00am, (Dave would kill me!), I just cannot go to bed/sleep. ,my body is so used to not going to bed early any more. I'm tired, but there is so much I want to do, but have had one of those days where nothing much was accomplished! My little man has been having some severe tantrems and the household has been a little shaken up this week!
We went to visit the natural therapies doc with Taylah today re: her adenoids. He has put her on a herb powder twice a day and told me to cut out milk products from her diet!! (Yeah right!) Anyway, if we at least cut down that will help he said, so we are trying to find her some relief until we see the specialist in Sept. If we make great progress, we wont even have to think about an operation! I don't want to go down that path with her if we can help it! Anyway have left a digi creation I just finished! I had to create something b4 going to bed, that's the issue now, I have to create something every day, which I think is fantastic, but my family, may beg to differ! At least they get to star in my creations!!!:) Have just discovered a new digi site called

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Billing family. said...

Hey Tania. got your message on my blog. Re celebrating Xmas babies birthdays, we thought we might move her birthday party forward a month. So celebrate it on Nov 25 for friends and other family and give her a "day" that is just her's alone. then on Xmas day, we will devote part of the day (probably the morning) to her and have it as just her birthday, and then have Xmas stuff from lunghtime on. Sounds great in theory, but we'll see!! LOL. The November thing is really to try and give her a day to herself, plus, when she starts school, she will be able to celebrate with friends before they all nick off on hols or whatever.

Oh, and you're not alone on the sleeplessness......I have to be up at 4.30am (I do so every morning to feed calves) but I for some reason, I just can't wind down and sleep. I'm existing on about 3hrs sleep a night lately. Wrong I know..but the more I stress about it, the worse it is.

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