Friday, June 20, 2008

Late nights and busy days!!

I should be in bed, (I say that alot!) Trying to wind down after a big day doing Wedding Photos and then movie night with the kids who were full on tonight! Crawling all over me because they hadn't seen me since this morning! It's nice, but I was trying to breathe!!!
Last night I took them to Cairns to see a show:" Millie, Jack and the dancing cat". We have read the book a few times, and we don't often get to see shows, as it's such a big drive for them. Anyway, it was great and they really loved it! We went late night shopping afterwards and they were treated to junk food which they don't really like that much, but hey you get the toy with the happy meal!!!!! They were so good and stayed awake for the 1 hour trip home. It was 9.30pm and they were raring to go when we got in and saw Daddy!!! I am looking forward to a sleep in in the morning!
Last week I was busy evey night scrapping, I have so many ideas in my head and am jotting them down and drawing sketches, I can't keep up with myself at the moment. Just found out one of my girlfriends is coming to stay in July! Can't wait, she's in Adelaide, we grew up together! I have attatched my first A4 layout which was a challenge for the Aussiescrapjacked site:
I really enjoyed the smaller format and might try a few more!

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