Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from a 4-day camping trip

What a great time away we had, camping with the family at Cape Kimberley, only about 40 min drive from home, but could be a world away! It was so peaceful and the weather was awesome. We had borrowed a tinny from someone Dave knows and took the kids out on the calmest waters over to Snapper Island and they both caught their first fish! We saw loads of wildlife, had fun on the beach, the kids had their first campfire and we loved those toasted marshmallows!! On the way home to top it all off, Taylah lost her first tooth and was so excited about the imminent arrival of the tooth fairy. (Which may I say is quite a generous one, different to the 10c/20c coin I received as a kid!)
She received a whopping $4.00, but we were told a first tooth was special so she knows to only expect half that when the next one falls out!!!!!
My layout this post is of Taylah's very special little toy!!!
I've just had another layout accepted for publishing and am stoked!!!Off to pack it up now!


Mhel Bhel Phel said...

Hi! What a fun trip! This certain entry reminded me of my young cousin back in Philippines! I don't see her often but I sure spoilled her while I was there. :) Kids are so exciting and entertaining to watch and be with. Great picture too, by the way.

Feel free to say hi and read my blog. Mine is about design and my journey to becoming a designer. let me know if you have any tips. :)


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Hey Tania, what a lovely trip.
The bunny layout is too cute!

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