Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Houseclean overhaul!!!

One of my best buddies left today to go back home to Adelaide with her 9 yr old daughter, Charli in tow! It was all so quick as we dropped them and their bags off and drove away after a quick few hugs and kisses, off to buy a new washing machine!!They were here with us for 8 days and it was great. All the kids got on well, no fuss, low maintenance guests, it was a little like having Mum around, someone so familiar who helps with housework and cooking and even a little child dicipline when necessary! I'm going to miss them, the house is quiet tonight as DS and DD are both sound asleep DH is out and wow, it really is QUIET! So no scrapping this week, I even had to forgo my Masters entry as I knew I would just miss the deadline! So close and a little disappointing, but there's always next year and I'll have learned alot more by then!!!!!
My layout this post is one I did for a LSBS cybercrop, for an inspiration challenge. I took my inspiration from the colours and swirls and flowers of the image provided and this is one of my all time fave photos of Taylah. My hubbie took this pic and I think it's awesome. I did a little zooming and tweaking in photoshop. I seem to be really loving bright colours at present!!! (Have removed layout as it's off to be published in SBM magazine, stay tuned!!!)
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