Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School holidays, colds and housework!!!

That's my agenda for today! Taylah is bored already! She's not feeling well though I don't think, she's just gone to lay down and I'm about to do my floors! Gosh I really hate meanial work! Plus we all have colds in this house and the dust is going to do wonders for that! Oh well, I will feel better when it's done.
We had a birthday party on a boat for Taylah's school friend on Monday and it was fine, we saw a few crocodiles and all the kids behaved so well. Jack ate so much party food!!! Yesterday we went over to the park and enjoyed the new play equipment, the days are really lovely at the moment! The nights are a little chilly again, but nothing we can't handle, I'd rather this than those southern winters!
I've left a digi layout here which I did recently, the first digi in ages. But the photo inspired me, and I love the bright funky colours!
Till next time :)


katef said...

Just following your sig link from PBP and had to stop by to say how much I love that LO... we are big gumboot lovers in this house too!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Love the gumboots! my girls love them too. Great layout. It looks like its 'real' and I would never have guessed its digi.

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