Monday, July 6, 2009

Exciting stuff

Here's some more of my fave Gold Coast pics, with Taylah waving to me from the carousel, Taylah and Dave watching the Scooby Doo show at Movie World and Taylah and Jack having some fun on the kiddies dodgem cars!

Today I received a huge box in the mail which was my business kit for my new business working as a Kaszazz consultant. Just thought I would try and make some money out of doing something I love. (Which I was lucky enough to do with my Photography, but wanting a change at the moment!) Becoming a consultant or party plan girl was never really up my alley, but Kaszazz have such a great range of new products now and use alot of inks, chalks and other products from well-known companies, and their workshops are becoming alot more hip and catching up with the latest trends. I also like that I have a great support team here in Townsville, so always someone to ask if I need help. I'm looking forward to doing my first workshop, just have to find the scrapping people in my area now!!! So if anyone needs anything or has a question, let me know!!!
Other news- what a very foul weekend we had! My two kids were so sick from midnight Friday/Sat until Sunday evening. I have never cleaned up so much vomit in all my life. Taylah was the first to start, she decorated the mattress they had fallen asleep on, then my bed, which didn't have a matress protector on, her clothes and hair. She was up all night with terrible stomache cramps and lots more vomit. Jack started about 4 in the morning, thankfully he wasn't as bad, but still managed to decorate his bed, clothes and me. Then next day, I washed sheets, matressess, pillows, floor rugs, lounge suites, cuddly toys, clothes and hair. We nearly took Taylah to hospital, poor little thing it was so scary, she has never really been sick like that before, it didn't stop, so we went off to the docs Sunday morning and we all agree they must've got food poisoning. We just wish we could work out where from???? Thankfully, today, they were back to normal and I took them to the Museum for a treat, they love it there, lots of interactive games and interesting things, plus JURASSIC JOE, was singing dinosaur songs. WE all had a little dance and sing, it was just great to see them better, I enjoyed my day with them and being very thankful that all was well now! I even treated them to some fries from Maccas as they hadn't had any tasty food that had stayed in their bellies, since dry bikkies the night before!


Liss said...

Oh you poor thing you must be worn out from the weekend. Kids being sick is just not nice. My daughter had a temp a few weekends ago and she is never sick. It knocked her out for a few days but she just lay in bed or on the couch. I hope their fries stayed in their tummies where they belonged.

I should post my holiday pics. We went to Disney on ice and my kiddies got picked out to be in the show. It was a real treat.

Carol (honeywine) said...

How awful and it sounds like food posioning - I have only had it once and hopefully never ever again!!

Glad they are better now poor darlings

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