Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It looks like baking cakes will continue to be a family tradition

Taylah and Jack have always enjoyed helping me or Nanna make a cake, or any kind of cooking. One day, they decided they would like to invent their own recipe, I wasn't allowed to give them a recipe, I was only allowed to hand out the ingredients they asked for. The first attempt wasn't bad, but this was the 2nd attempt a few weeks ago and it was delicious!!!! Taylah knows all the main ingredients to put in, I just reminded her of a few she may need and then it was my suggestion to put the choc chips in which they thought was pretty good! I was very proud of them and very happy with the taste of their master piece. When it was cooked they cut it in half so they could decorate 1/2 each. Fantastic stuff!!!!

1 comment:

Liss said...

That is so sweet they cut the cake in half to decorate. I have never really noticed till now but Taylah looks like you. My daughter has announced she is cooking dinner tomorrow night not sure what we are getting though.

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