Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm so thankful to the lovely Lynette who tagged me in the List of Fours and invited me to play too. Interesting!!!

Here are a few things you may not know ...

Four Shows you Watch!
1. Neighbours
2. Big Bang Theory
3. Friends
4. Everybody loves Raymond

Four things you are Passionate about!
1. My Family & friends
2. My Kaszazz Business
3. Crafting and Photography
4. Life

Four words/phrases you say alot!
1. Let's go guys, we're running late
2. Settle down
3. Where did the time go?
4. I'm tired!

Four things you have learnt about the past!
1. IT became the past very quickly!
2. I wouldn't change a thing
3. Life just makes you stronger
4. It's all part of the journey! Make it count!

Four places you would like to go!
1. Cape York
2. London for my Sister's Wedding
3. Canada
4. New Zealand

Four things you did yesterday!
1. Rang my new boss on my 3rd day of work to say I couldn't come in due to sick child.
2. Made a birthday card
3. Spoke to a client
4. Tried to have a nap with sick child-it didn't happen!

Four things you are looking forward to!
1. Holiday with our new camper trailer
2. Cooler weather
3. No more rain
4. Growing my Kaszazz business

Four things you love about spring!
1. Birds chirping
2. sunshine
3. Baby animals
4. Less humidity

Now 4 people to tag along!

Helen- although we don't see much of each other, we were destined to cross paths, and thankfully we manage to keep in touch through blogs, and craft!

Liss-My blog friend who I haven't visited for awhile, but is one very inspiring photographer & amazing Mum!

Dannielle- who's you tube videos have also been an inpiration to me and I'm sure many other consultants, great stuff Dannielle!

and Fiona another lovely Kaszazz consultant, who's blog is very eye catching & whom I may have to ask for a few blog tips!

Please go and check out all these talented and lovely ladies and share the blog land lovin!!!


Fi said...

Thanks for tagging me in the List of Fours. I will post my info over the weekend. You may have to go to Grace Holzhauser at Ink'n Scrap for some tips on how to get things all sparkly and blingy on your blog - she has just done a blog facelift for me which she kindly offered to do! Grace uses Photobucket for a lot of her images. Very happy with it and I'm glad you like it too!

Memories Of Mine said...

Hi Tania, I have been Missing in action in blog land lately. Working on setting up my part time photography business, wow who would have thought it was so much work.

I'll gladly play your 4 question game. I'll post in a few days and then let you know when I'm done.

I hope you and your family are well.

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