Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cooling off in the Far North!!

I don't know about anyone else who live up this way, but the nights are sure getting cooler! Wish the kids would keep their blankets on, they have woken up with colds again!
LSBS had their May Cybercrop held over the weekend! I coudn't complete all the challenges, but happy with the ones I did! Really chuffed with trying the new 6 x 12" format for layouts and will continue filling the album we made with new pages of my kids' milestones! (There are so may, I want to record and they just keep coming!)Jack has a new bed, no more cot, so will do a LO for that, and in the same week, he has managed to give up the bottle!!!! (Milk bottle that is!) I told him now he has a big boy bed, he is a big boy and big boys don't have bottles, he didn't like the sound of it, but he has been a little trouper and only asked me for a bottle twice in 5 days! So there's another milestone!!!! Well will leave some of my challenges from the CC for you to check out! Happy days everyone!!! :)


kerry said...

Hi Tania it was great to meet you at the retreat love your blog too by the way.take care Kerry

helenj said...

Hey darlin!
Lovely work!!!!!!
Your little man is growing up:)

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