Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adenoids, cleaning & making money!

Have just finished cleaning the house, made easier by Dave taking the kids to the local footy.
A bit of a mixed title today but much to report on after yesterday!
Taylah's x-ray showed that she does have an enlarged adenoid which is leading to all the problems she's been having for the last 4 months. Trouble breathing, very stuffy, loads of mucus and a very nasally speech. We are going to see the ENT specialist who will discuss with us the option of Shaving the adenoids which is supposed to make it better for her long term. Hmm???
Jack has been a little bu---r this week, but I think he's been unwell, had a temp yesterday and we are also having those lovely 2 yr old tantrems.
On a more positive note, I have had a great week! I received my LSBS order in the mail, with a little present, then I received an order for 3 large photographic prints from my website, all sold sealed and delivered and a very happy customer! Then another little surprise arrived in the mail from a previous comp at the LSBS, very nice. The day before that, I received a phone call to say I had won a $50 gift voucher for IGA through a comp I entered. All my hard work at entering competitions everywhere is finally paying off! Very happy!!!
Now I would like to attatch a couple of pics of my gorgeus kids. The one of Taylah was actally a grab shot by my hubby on Mother's day and I have just discovered actions in Photoshop and had a play around with it! I reckon it looks awesome! Then the one of Jack is from a group of shots I took of him clowning around one day and I played around a little with this one aswell. Now just have to scrap them!


helenj said...

The photos look so great!
your kids are gorgeous and look at those big dark eyes

Lots of nice pressies for you this week hey?

Hope it all goes well with the adenoids thing

Narelle said...

Hey Tania

My Meg had her adenoids and tonsils removed at the age of 3. She had been having trouble breathing and had sleep apnoea(sp?).

Letting her go under a general anesthetic was scary but we have never regretted it! She sleeps so much better and has more energy than ever!

Hope it works out for you!


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