Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been over a week since my last blog, it flies so fast! I have just returned from Cairns, the 2nd trip in a week. It was easier today minus the kids and 2yr old tantrems! We have an appt. with the docs today for Taylah to discuss her xrays on her adenoids! I'm hoping it's not to much of a worry, but she's been having trouble for about 4 months now. Jack had a blood nose last night and it brought back memories of me as a kid, I had them all the time!
I've bee busy with wedding photography, so not alot of scrappng but many ideas going around in my head! Will leave something I dreamed up inspired by a tissue box last week! I used cut outs of actual photos of my frangipanis as embellishments for this page and loving the paint!!!! Till next time!!!!CYA

1 comment:

helenj said...

Hey chickie!!!!
Must catch up real soon!!!
Love the frangipanis:)

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