Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pics and layout

Firstly would like to credit the lovely digi kit I used for my new header to: CHOUBI who' gorgeous designs can be found at CLD
This kit is called BUBBLE POP.

Well here are my few pics from yesterday after the Easter Bunny arrived! This was only a small portion of what the kids got and my giant egg. They each collected 24 more eggs in Dad's treasure hunt which we decided to do inside this year, living in the tropics is not a great spot for outdoor treasure hunts. They had so much chocolate, now there is no room in the fridge and today no-one would leave me alone until I smashed my giant egg. It didn't actually smash, as it was left out of the fridge all night, I dropped it on the floor and it just squashed and the bottom became flat.
Quite funny!
Went to the museum today and had a walk on the beach looking for empty hermit crab shells for our lonely little CHERMIE. His little mate, BELLA, died a few weeks ago and Taylah was devastated, so have to make sure this one has plenty of new shells to choose from. Well I'm off to do some scrapping or photo archiving, bye!

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Liss said...

Oh we are suffering from chocolate overload here too. I didn’t take photos over Easter my kids were bouncing off the walls.

I really like your new look blog and header.

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