Thursday, April 9, 2009

More pressies!!!

Just received a gorgeous parcel in the post from Tracy at LSBS, albums to start on, I love them, right into the acrylic ones right now! Trouble is, I have loads of ideas and so little time. BUT!!!! Have just booked DS into day care for next term, for one day a week so will have a tiny bit more time for me. Haven't got my Wedding Photography up and running here in Townsville, I'm sure I will pick up work no problem, but right now, just trying to adapt to a new home and get the kids sorted etc. Enjoying a break from the Weddings and would love to concentrate a little more on my creative side of Photography again. There are some beautiful sunsets here over the lake where we live and I have to get out and capture them. We've also got loads of resident Magpie Geese who have all nested recently and every so often you see their little families with new offspring wandering through the neigbourhood.
Still right into scrapping, it's wonderful havingmy own creative space no and th mojo seems to go into overdrive when you know where everything is!!!!!!!
Hubby just arrived home early from work for the easter break, it wil be nice to have a little time off alltogether. Looking forward to these school holidys and a break from all the runnning around!!!!! Happy Easter everyone!!!!! :) For now here's a few pics of my little man doing some easter egg painting!

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Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Love the goodie stash (previous post) and your creations are so lovely.

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