Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope the easter bunny was good to everyone, we have enough chocolate in this house to last us at least a couple of months. The Easter Bunny was very generous this year and even I scored a giant egg, I've secretly always wanted one of those! The kids had to wait until I woke up to start the treasure hunt and by that time, Taylah was already onto many of the eggs hidden not so well by Dad! Jack had already eaten the ears off of is bg bunny by the time I got up at around 7.15am...
A lazy day today, yesterday we hit the shops to buy a new tv as the old one just blew up during NEIGHBOURS the other night! We have to have a spare to keep the sanity of parents at crucial times, and we got a bargain along with thousands of other punters out spending Mr. Rudd's money yesterday. I've never seen anythng like it before, it was chaos at the shops and Jack is not a fan of shopping, he had another tanty, which was just lovely for us all.
Tomorrow we may hit the museum, Taylah loves it and locals getin for free, which is handy seeing as we broke the bank yesterday!Looking forward to the school holiday week for a break from routine, will upload some easter pics when my camra battery is charged!

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