Thursday, April 23, 2009

Up late

I was getting so good and back into a routine of getting to bed at a reasonable hour. But here I am again, slowly falling back into the late night routine. But hey, have just enjoyed the longest quiet time in one night in ages. Hubby was out till 10pm for a much needed drink with the boys, I got the kids in bed extra early and settled in on the couch to catch up on 6 episodes of neighbours! (Yes, sorry to say I am still a fan after all these years.) It was peaceful! Then Hubby came home a little chatty after a few beers and he had had a great night and wanted to tell me all about it, now I am wide awake and wondering how tired I'm going to feel tomorrow!
Have just visited another blog and been truly inspired by my blogging friend Liss, (A Memory forever!) She is very inspirational!
And wanted to share a gorgeous pic of my little man I took yesterday! I don't often get him unawares to get the good shots, but this one was a pearler! (Image taken with my 28-135mm IS Canon lens!)(A great multi-purpose lens which I love!)


Liss said...

Oh Tania, how nice is it when the kids go to bed early. A little extra “Me” time never goes astray. Good to see you put it to use and caught up on Neighbours.

I love this pic, he is so cute. The weather here is starting to cool now, there’ll be no out door swimming for us till next summer.

Do you find you 28 –135 sharp? I don’ know if I am completely happy with mine. Maybe I got a dodgy one or maybe it is the user. I am going to have to put in on and take some more shots with it.

helenj said...

Gorgeous pic Tania!!!!!!!!!!!!

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