Monday, May 4, 2015

Two challenges down for national Scrapbooking Day (weekend)

So this challenge was inspired by the lovely Natalie Elphinstone over at Big Picture Classes. It was to create a stamped background on your project! i have so many stamps in my collection and sometimes it actually becomes too overwhelming to use them. However, this weekend I have worked a bit more on organising and cataloguing them. (I started that job awhile ago, but good to do a bit more.) And the bonus is, you remember all those great stamps you have forgotten about and use them!!!
Here's my card!
I'm happy to say it's a male card too, I find I'm a bit slack with male projects and I need to be a bit fairer with my layouts where my kids are concerned. It's just so much easier to do girly stuff. But I am challenging myself to get some more boy layouts done of my little man!!!
Products used: Kaszazz stamps, cardstock, and twine. Flutterby Designs flair, Distress markers, Dyslusions spray, and a tiny little clothes peg!

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